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Dongguan Emerging Industry Development Document No.1 lock "solar photovoltaic"

Dongguan to focus on the development of solar photovoltaic industry is not a new phenomenon, locked in the solar photovoltaic industry, how will Dongguan further development?

Reporters learned yesterday from the city to promote the development of strategic emerging industries leading group, the leading group of the No. 1 document - "Dongguan solar photovoltaic industry policy and base construction planning manual (2010-2012)" (hereinafter referred to as "manual") officially released. Dongguan will focus on making breakthroughs in thin-film solar cell electrode preparation, thin-film evaporation process, battery laser etching equipment manufacturing technology, low-loss inverter system manufacturing technology, large-capacity electricity storage technology, and material localization.

Document No. 1 has attracted much attention

In the eyes of the industry, the Manual as document No. 1 makes a lot of sense. In June this year, Dongguan established a leading group to promote the development of strategic emerging industries, led by Li Yuquan, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, Leng Xiaoming, Standing Vice mayor of the CPC Municipal Committee, and Deng Zhiguang, deputy mayor of the Municipal government in charge of industry, as deputy leaders, to strengthen the guidance of the city's strategic emerging industries.

According to the Implementation Plan on Promoting the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Dongguan (Discussion Draft), Dongguan puts forward the development focus of the development of strategic emerging industries: focusing on the cultivation and development of high-end new electronic information, semiconductor lighting (LED), electric vehicles, solar photovoltaic, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, Marine industry and other eight strategic emerging industries. Among them, high-end new electronic information, semiconductor lighting (LED), electric vehicles and solar photovoltaic are the key breakthrough industries in the near future, while new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine and Marine industries are the medium and long-term cultivation and development industries.

To formulate local standards for solar photovoltaic products

Dongguan will also concentrate its financial resources to support the construction of one solar photovoltaic industry base and three industrial parks as well as major projects. Perfect financial, financial and land preferential policies are provided to leading enterprises such as Dongguan Hongwei, Dongguan Southern Glass, Xinyi Glass, Zhicheng Champion, Five Star Solar, Spark Solar, Maike Technology, etc.

For the industry, demonstration, promotion and application are the most concerned. The demonstration and promotion of Dongguan solar photovoltaic industry, in combination with the "Pilot Work Plan of Conducting Solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation in Dongguan", determines an investment and operation subject through market-based operation bidding mode. The municipal finance supports the construction of a solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation demonstration station in the form of investment subsidies or power generation subsidies A number of pilot demonstration projects for the application of solar photovoltaic products have been actively applied to the province for inclusion in the provincial solar power station demonstration project planning.

In terms of industrial application and promotion, Dongguan also does not let go of any integration of existing industrial advantages, such as the integration with the exhibition industry. It is pointed out in the manual that Dongguan will jointly organize a national-level solar photovoltaic products Expo with relevant departments at higher levels, so as to form a demonstration effect of the popularization of solar photovoltaic products in energy saving.

In terms of specific application projects, it will also focus on promoting the implementation of Dongguan photovoltaic rooftop power generation project, formulating the construction plan of provincial solar photovoltaic product inspection and testing center, formulating local standards of solar photovoltaic products and the system of first purchase of solar equipment and photovoltaic products in the city, and supporting and encouraging the application of solar photovoltaic products.

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