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Dongguan actively develops "solar PV"

By 2012, the output value of solar PV will reach 25 billion yuan

Dongguan Leading Group for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries recently issued the document "East Emerging Industries [2010] No. 1", and issued the "Dongguan Solar Photovoltaic Industry Policy and Base Construction Planning Work Manual" (hereinafter referred to as the "Manual").

The reporter learned from the manual that Dongguan plans to gradually build a more complete photovoltaic industry chain in three years from 2010. By 2012, the total output value of Dongguan's solar photovoltaic industry is planned to reach 25 billion yuan.

In 2012, the output value of solar PV reached 25 billion yuan

According to the Manual, Dongguan plans to build and put into operation 2-3 solar cell projects by 2012, cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the solar photovoltaic industry, and make Dongguan the largest thin film solar photovoltaic industry base in Guangdong Province and even the whole country.

According to the plan, by 2012: key construction projects have been put into operation; Construction of more than 10 solar cell production lines; The annual output of thin film solar cells is more than 1.5GW, and the output value of thin film solar cells is 10 billion yuan. The output value of battery related industries such as equipment, glass and inverter systems is 15 billion yuan.

In this way, by 2012, the total output value of Dongguan solar photovoltaic industry will reach 25 billion yuan.

Local standards for solar photovoltaic products will be developed

It is reported that in order to achieve Dongguan solar photovoltaic industry leading the country, Dongguan City is organizing the formulation of Dongguan provincial solar photovoltaic products inspection and testing center construction plan, formulate local standards for Dongguan solar photovoltaic products.

Dongguan Hongwei digital, Zhicheng champion two companies responsible person said, they have their own enterprise standards, "the municipal level of the solar photovoltaic product standards, is seriously formulated, some standards have begun to test repeatedly. Because the municipal standard is more demanding, it will take about a year to come out."

The solar photovoltaic products Expo will be held next year

In order to expand the influence of Dongguan solar photovoltaic industry in the country and even the world, Dongguan plans to hold a solar photovoltaic products Expo next year, vigorously implement the key industrial generic technology breakthrough project, and formulate the key generic technology guidance catalog and industrial technology roadmap of Dongguan thin film solar photovoltaic industry. To achieve the basic localization of solar photovoltaic materials.

Concentrate superior financial resources to support leading enterprises

In order to realize the rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry, Dongguan City plans to concentrate its financial resources, focus on supporting the construction of one base and three parks and major projects, and support the development of leading enterprises such as Dongguan Hongwei, Dongguan Southern Glass, Xinyi Glass, Zhicheng Champion, Five Star Solar, Spark Solar and Maike Technology by improving preferential policies such as finance, finance and land.

"We have to have our own leading solar photovoltaic technology, not just rely on foreign technology," said an official from the municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology. Otherwise, we will not be able to stay in the forefront of the world's technology, and the introduced technology and equipment will be obsolete within a few years."

We plan to implement the first-purchase system for photovoltaic products

It is reported that in the future, Dongguan will adopt the market operation bidding mode to determine an investment operation main body, the city finance to take the form of investment subsidies or power generation subsidies, support the construction of a solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation demonstration station and a number of solar photovoltaic products application pilot demonstration project.

In addition, it plans to implement a first-purchase system for solar equipment and photovoltaic products to support and encourage the application of solar photovoltaic products.

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