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Look back at the brilliant Expo technology

Shanghai, Oct. 27 (Xinhua Luo Zhengguang: What makes the Shanghai World Expo "successful, wonderful and unforgettable"? People must think "technology"! From the first day of the opening, the Expo's scientific and technological achievements let visitors admire, aftertaste, longing. Looking back at the World Expo, the reporter can only "glimpse a glimpse" of the science and technology highlights in the Shanghai World Expo.

Low-carbon technology

"New energy vehicles" : transporting millions of people every day, running so far has maintained a 98% completion rate, more than 1,100 new energy vehicles used in and around the Expo Park, undoubtedly has become the perfect integration of high-tech and "low carbon energy saving" concept. The large-scale application of these "oil-free" or less "oil-eating" cars in the World Expo has always maintained the characteristics of "high energy efficiency, low air pollution and low running noise", achieved the goal of "zero emission" of public transport in the core Expo site, and also become the direction of sustainable development of the automobile industry in the future.

"LED Lighting" : Many visitors choose to visit the Expo Park at night to enjoy the colorful "light and shadow scenery" created by LED lighting. In the "One axis and four pavilions", urban Best Practices Area, squares and landscape zones, the Expo Park has already become a global demonstration project of LED technology application. It is preliminarily estimated that there are more than 200,000 LED lamps in the whole park, and more than 80% of the nightview lighting sources use LED technology, and the comprehensive energy saving efficiency can reach more than 70%. In 2010, the output value of China's LED industry is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan, double the total output value of 2008. A huge potential industry and market is being laid out.

"Solar Power Generation" : As the largest solar photovoltaic power generation park in China, the Expo Park has successfully applied the concept of "green energy". The solar power generation technology in the Expo site focuses on the integration of photovoltaic buildings, solar lighting systems and solar water heating applications. For example, the new solar photovoltaic panels on the exterior wall of the China Pavilion can generate 300,000 KWH of electricity per year and is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 285 tons. The pavilion's solar power system not only generates electricity, but also acts as a shade

Environmental science and technology

"Three-dimensional greening" : In the Expo Park, green plants not only "climb" on the walls of the buildings, but also "climb" on the roofs, such as the "straw hat" on the roofs of the Swiss Pavilion and Hong Kong Pavilion, and the "flower coat" on the slopes and walls of the theme Pavilion, the Canadian Pavilion and the Case Pavilion of Alsace, France. It is learned that more than 80 percent of the pavilions of the Shanghai World Expo Park have adopted rooftop greening, three-dimensional greening and indoor greening. The Expo Center has a green roof area of more than 1,000 square meters, and the ecological wall of the Expo theme pavilion has a green area of 5,000 square meters. Outside the Expo Park, Minhang District of Shanghai, which has promoted three-dimensional greening technology, won the "World's Best Roof Greening City Gold Medal" awarded by the World Roof Greening Conference this year.

"Garbage sorting and Treatment" : The automatic garbage collection and transportation system has been applied for the first time in the "one axis and four pavilions" area of the Expo Park. The Taipei Case Museum demonstrates the effectiveness of the "no trash landing" policy. The Madrid Case Museum provides a clear view of Madrid's sophisticated and sophisticated integrated infrastructure and services for garbage collection, transportation, treatment and renewable energy development. The Expo not only gave us a lot of ideas to solve the "garbage siege", but also let us realize the concept of "garbage is misplaced treasure".

"New material technology" : The Expo venue is unique not only in its creative shape, but also in its selection of "strange" building materials: the external walls of the International Information Development Pavilion are coated with a layer of "liquid glass", which is painted on the surface of the building like paint, and can prevent fire, water and corrosion. The walls of the Italian pavilion are made of transparent concrete, which further enhances the indoor natural light. The famous "rattan" Spanish Pavilion is designed with rattan woven as the building material. Experts predict that the future of materials technology will be energy saving, environmental protection, renewable, composite and multi-functional direction, and China is fully likely to run in the forefront of technology development.

Information technology

"E-ticket" : Expo 2010 Shanghai does not require manual ticket verification. Visitors can easily enter the Expo park with a swipe of the Expo ticket. If you find it difficult to hold the tickets, you can also choose the more convenient mobile Expo tickets. This is the convenience of RFID technology to the Expo. Not only that, Expo logistics distribution, exhibition hall reservation, certificate management, electronic license plate, electronic fence, smart grid and so on, also widely used RFID technology. The "Internet of Things" has taken a big step into reality at the Expo.

"Online World Expo" : do not move feet, do not go out, just visit the World Expo. Just as the Secretary General of the Bureau of International Expos Losetes commented: "The online Expo is a revolutionary initiative in the history of world Expo." As a three-dimensional virtual web version of the physical World Expo, the online World Expo is portable, fast and popular, allowing visitors to enjoy the pavilion from a variety of perspectives within the virtual World Expo site. More than 230 million web pages have been viewed, and 55 million people have visited the Expo site. The good news is that the Online Expo, the first project of the Shanghai Expo, will continue to operate after the Expo ends, and will be transformed into a digital memorial and museum, allowing the Expo to "never die" online.

"Intelligent Transportation" : The theme movie 2030, OK! It showcased a future car world featuring "electrification, vehicle networking and autonomous driving." Zero-emission electric vehicles have become the leading role on the road, children, the elderly and even the blind and other disabled people can "drive" independently and go out at any time, and the car lifting system can make the car directly parked on the surface of the building. In addition, as the "treasure of the Pavilion" independently developed by SAIC, The negative emission concept vehicle "Leaf" integrates photoelectric conversion technology, wind power conversion technology, carbon dioxide adsorption and conversion technology, and organically combines energy consumption and energy manufacturing. The electric networking concept vehicle "EN-V" realizes the compatibility of manual driving and automatic driving through global positioning system navigation technology, vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology, wireless communication and remote sensing technology. The rate of traffic accidents has been greatly reduced.

Humanized science and technology

"Direct drinking Water" : The Expo has successfully solved the drinking water problem of more than 70 million visitors. The number of direct drinking points at the Expo Park has increased from 101 at the opening to 117, which can accommodate 1,860 people at the same time. In addition to convenience, safety and environmental protection are the greater contribution of direct drinking water technology. Under the protection of "ultrafiltration membrane", the removal rate of bacteria and virus reached 99.99%. More importantly, the direct drinking technology also helps prevent widespread heat stroke in the park during hot weather, and avoids the huge amount of waste generated when visitors drink bottled water.

Spray cooling: In the hot summer months, spray cooling facilities at the Expo site have become ubiquitous green air conditioners. When hundreds of nozzles spray at the same time, the whole Expo Park instantly becomes "mist" shrouded, bursts of cool. Experts introduce, health fog using pure water, atomization can produce a large number of "air vitamin" negative ions, is the number of negative ions in the ordinary urban environment 2000 to 5000 times. Spray system with automatic control is more intelligent, according to the ambient temperature and humidity and other meteorological parameters automatically spray. Today, spray cooling, an energy-saving technology used in outdoor Spaces to improve the quality of life, has begun to "enter" ordinary residential communities in Shanghai.

"Life Sunshine Pavilion" : This pavilion is honored as the "warmest Pavilion" in the World Expo. With the theme of "Eliminating discrimination, getting rid of poverty, Caring for Life and Sharing the Sunshine", the Pavilion of Life and Sunshine is the first pavilion for persons with disabilities in the 159-year history of the World Expo. The colorful leaves and Sunny Birds are its most striking symbols. It not only displays the high-tech "smart room" to improve the life quality of the disabled, but also the "Sky Wonders" experience area for ordinary people to experience the life of the blind, so that the able-bodied people can feel the spiritual quality of the blind to fight against fate and struggle indecently. Here, the disability of the body is covered by the brilliance of humanity, and people see no disability, only love full of understanding and tolerance.

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