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Stmicroelectronics is leading the way in the energy efficient solar industry

Stmicroelectronics (NYSE: STM announced that Mr. Giuseppe Izzo, Vice President of Greater China and South Asia and General Manager of Taiwan Branch, will deliver a keynote speech at the 2010 Asia Pacific Industry Summit and International Solar Photovoltaic Forum in Taiwan, where he will share with the industry the development achievements in the field of solar energy and renewable energy. It will also present forward-looking reports on how advanced semiconductor solutions can improve the efficiency, reliability, and cost competitiveness of power generation systems.

"Energy efficiency is one of the major areas of focus for stmicroelectronics," said Yin Rong. "We have been leading the way in our development and business and have successfully developed many of the world's most power efficient processing technologies. In solar photovoltaics, we are committed to developing solutions that increase energy conversion efficiency and maximize energy capture in solar panels, further strengthening stmicroelectronics' role in addressing global energy conservation and efficiency challenges."

As a technology pioneer in solar power electronics, Stmicro recently announced two major innovations that will enhance solar panels and batteries:

The SPV1020 solar power system IC maximizes the energy collected from each solar panel and improves the overall efficiency of the solar power system. Stmicro's products use an innovative distributed architecture: multiple panels of solar cells are connected in series to separate converters embedded in the back of the panel. Compared to the traditional solar photovoltaic system topology where most of the electronic components are concentrated in the main converter, the distributed architecture of the Italian and French semi-transducers improves overall efficiency.

SPV1001 Smart Switch IC improves energy conversion efficiency of solar cells. Unlike conventional diode solutions, this highly efficient power element is integrated with a logic control circuit chip to more effectively reduce leakage current when the solar photovoltaic panel generates electricity. In addition, the SPV1001 switch IC operates at a low temperature for extended service life and improved reliability.

To further expand its presence in the high-growth solar power market, stmicroelectronics has formed 3Sun, a joint venture with Sharp and Enel to manufacture innovative solar cells and photovoltaic panels. These solar photovoltaic panels are particularly suitable for medium and large scale solar power plants, which can maintain high energy conversion efficiency even in high temperature climates.

The global solar photovoltaic market will reach 15.2 gigawatts this year, up 77 percent from 2009, and will continue to grow at double-digit rates for the next three years, according to a new report by market research firm Gartner.

The 2010 Taiwan Asia Pacific Industry Summit and ** International Solar Optoelectronics Forum: A Symposium on Forward-looking Technologies will be held on October 27, 2010 (Wednesday) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., in Room 201, Taipei International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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